Curriculum and Instruction Overview

People Holding Hands In A Circle.pngThe Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator guides the development, implementation and evaluation of all instructional program offerings in the Riverside Township School District. This includes a variety of tasks such as curriculum writing and revisions, professional development offerings, delegation and oversight of funds related to staff development and curriculum, and collaborative writing of grants and/or required state reports. In addition, the curriculum department shares in the responsibility of teacher evaluations, hiring of new staff, and implementation of various student assessments. The Curriculum Coordinator attends meetings with the NJ Department of Education, and the Burlington County Curriculum Consortium in order to stay abreast of changes occurring within the state and network with other local districts.

Additionally, the Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator is responsible for interpreting and applying current research in curriculum, teaching and learning for all students, analyzing student performance on district and state assessments, writing and/or revising curriculum, collaboratively working to select instructional materials, providing professional development, and recommending the adoption of new programs. All curricula are developed in-house by the curriculum coordinator in conjunction with teacher and building-level administrators to assure our teaching programs, and methods of delivery, meet the needs of our unique student population.